Professional Crawl Space Waterproofing in Lafayette

Professional Crawl Space Waterproofing Lafayette

Are you the proud owner of a pier & beam foundation system? If so, you most likely have a crawl space beneath your home. Unfortunately, moisture, insects, and vermin sometimes like to call this space their home. Crawl space waterproofing Lafayette puts a stop to flooding, excessive moisture, and infestations. Since 1997 our company has been keeping all types of foundations dry and stable due to our expert waterproofing methods.

Keeping the crawl space dry isn't only good for the localized area but the entire structure of your home. Wet crawl spaces often lead to foundation breakdown and structural integrity issues. Who knew your entire home could succumb to so much damage just because of a damp crawl space? Unfortunately, the sad reality is that it can! However, the good news is our contractors have a solution for keeping your crawl space functional, safe, and protected.

Today, you can take the first step in securing your crawl space and keeping it dry by calling us and scheduling an appointment for a no-strings-attached consultation and inspection. We'll then give you professional crawl space waterproofing recommendations and a FREE estimate. Are you ready to get started with foundation waterproofing?

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What are the Benefits of Crawl Space Waterproofing?

Waterproofing under your house in Lafayette, IN, ensures that your investment stays intact. But did you know that wet crawl spaces and flooded basements can leave the rest of your home in shambles? Not to mention the health hazards that can manifest. Take a look at the reasons why pro waterproofing services are highly recommended:

  • Protects the Home Structure - Wet, soggy crawl spaces lead to foundation cracks, wood rot, and metal rust. Implementing waterproofing measures decreases those incidences.
  • Maintains a Healthy Home - Excessive moisture leads to mold, mildew, and algae growth. Those substances can lead to health problems as the spores leave the crawl space and infiltrate the air of your home.
  • No More Vermin - When water leaks into the crawl space, it's a sign that there are cracks and openings present. Not only can water get in, but small animals and insects too. Waterproofing seals the problem areas up.
  • Reduce Energy Bills - Leaky crawl spaces allow drafts to enter your home, which in theory, is responsible for costly heating and cooling bills.
  • Adds Property Value - Having a water-tight crawl space means the probability of flood damages is low, thus adding more value to your property.

Are you still curious about the benefits of waterproofing your crawl space? We've created a blog for you to explore where your questions will be answered. You can also call or email our staff at any time.

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Got a Damp Crawl Space in Lafayette? Call Now for Prompt Waterproofing Services!

It's crucial to have ample crawl space drainage in Lafayette, Indiana. Having a flooded crawl space or basement only leads to problems. We offer a variety of waterproofing methods that provide security and peace of mind. So, which way is right for your crawl space? That's a great question and one that can be answered after our contractors perform a no-cost inspection of your crawl space.

Once we determine the root cause of the flooding and excessive moisture,  we'll give you our recommendations. Some solutions we have to offer include sump pump and dehumidifier installation, encapsulation, vapor barrier implementation, and French drainage systems.

We like to save encapsulation for the most extreme cases or when a homeowner no longer wishes to use the crawl space, as the procedure completely seals the area off. We want to tell you more about our waterproofing solutions!

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Lafayette's #1 Crawl Space Waterproofing Company

It can be unnerving to discover your crawl space is flooded and causing problems beneath your house. Our company is dedicated to finding the core cause of the leaks and repairing them quickly. Once the repairs are made, the waterproofing process can start and act as a preventative measure for future episodes.

Please know that our contractors are expert foundation repair specialists who only use top-quality tools, equipment, and materials. Before you know it, your crawl space will be dry, clean, and ready for use. There's no time like the present to schedule an appointment for incredible waterproofing services. The only thing you have to lose is a wet crawl space. Get in touch with Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros!



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Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros is dedicated to rock-solid customer service and satisfaction. When you have a concrete slab or pier & beam foundation repair, need we're the crew to call! We specialize in basement and crawl space waterproofing, house leveling, slab jacking, and commercial services. Call us now!

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