Fast & Long-Lasting Foundation Crack Repair in Lafayette

Foundation Crack Repair in Lafayette Begins & End With Us

Are you looking for a Lafayette foundation crack repair specialist that you can trust? Our company is built on common sense and integrity. We offer many solutions that tackle common foundational cracks as well as more complex situations for commercial and residential building owners.

Our goal is to pinpoint how the crack developed in the first place and to correct the problem at its source. We'll start by inspecting your foundation for FREE, followed by giving you a completely transparent report of our findings. From there, our contractors will detail recommended foundation repairs and how much they cost so that you know exactly what you're dealing with.

Our cement crack repairs are durable and last a lifetime, so you never have to worry about the issue returning. Are you ready to get started with our licensed and insured foundation repair company? Call us now to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you.

foundation crack repair needed in lafayette
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Repairing Cracks in Your Lafayette Foundation is a GREAT Idea!

You may have heard that not all foundation racks in Lafayette require repair, and that is true. However, you won't know whether your cracks are causing serious damage until a trained contractor is able to assess them. Professional crack repair results in a plethora of benefits for homeowners:

  • Enhances Structural Integrity - Over time, water, insects, and other vermin can slip through the cracks in your foundation and totally wreak havoc on your home! Expert repairs applied in a timely manner can protect your cement and framework from deterioration.
  • Preserves the Crawl Space & Basement -  Damaging foundational cracks almost always lead to leaks, and these leaks can destroy the integrity of a crawl space and basement, rendering them unusable. Fixing the cracks stops the flooding of these spaces.
  • Increases Home Value - Let's face it. Nobody wants to purchase a home with a faulty foundation. When you have cracks professionally repaired by our contractors, we'll provide you proof of the service. Ultimately, foundation crack repair can boost your home's value.

So, you see? Prompt and professional crack repair comes with many benefits. We feel the most important benefit is giving homeowners peace of mind that their house is resting on solid ground. We're here to help you! Call us today.

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Got Foundation Cracks in Need of Repair in Lafayette? Call Now!

Concrete foundation crack repair in Lafayette is a necessary service for more than one reason. There is always an underlying cause to how cracks develop. Our job is to find out the reason and apply appropriate repairs so that the problem never reoccurs. Here are the most common reasons why foundational cracks happen:

  • Geotechnical Issues
  • Frost Heaving or Uplift
  • Lack of Reinforcement
  • When an Addition is Added
  • A Poorly Engineered Foundation
  • Poor Soil Composition
  • Foundation Rotation
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Drainage Problems
  • Soil Expansion
  • Settling
  • Tree Root Interference

Not all cracks are created equal. We'll inspect the way that your foundation cracks are presenting and determine whether their characteristics are ominous or not. The sooner you have foundation cracks assessed, the lesser chance you have of developing costly structural damages. Are you ready for your FREE estimate? Contact us now.

concrete slab foundation crack repairs at home in lafayette
foundation crack repair needed in lafayette

Offering Affordable Foundation Crack Repair for Lafayette Homeowners

Your home is your greatest investment, and it's our privilege to make sure it doesn't prematurely break down. Not all foundation cracks require extensive repair techniques, but for the ones that do, we'll be here to help. Our contractors typically use high-quality polyurethane foam injection to fill in the cracks and seal them off so no water can get through them.

This step is often performed last because we always address the underlying issues with your foundation first. If you have a crack on the interior or exterior of your foundation, give us a call today for a professional inspection of the area. The service is FREE and holds no obligation for you to purchase services.

However, our crack inspection will tell you exactly what you're dealing with and the appropriate steps that need to be taken to correct the problem. We're affordable, professional, and hardworking. Turn to Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing for a job well done.



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"The foundation repair services that we had completed by Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros went above and beyond our expectations. The team was friendly, they worked quickly, and they made sure we understood everything that was happening around us. Definitely recommend these guys for anyone looking for quality foundation repairs."
- Esther J.

Pro Foundation Crack Repair & Our Other Reliable Lafayette Services

Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is a company dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. If you have a foundation problem, we're the crew to address it. We offer a full menu of repair and preventative services like basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and commercial services. Get with us today to set up an appointment for a FREE foundation inspection.

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Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros offers various services that address your most pressing foundation problems. We fix what the other guys can't! Call us at (765) 204-6599
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