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Looking for Home Foundation Repair in Lafayette? We Can Help!

Keeping your foundation durable and free from cracks is an important responsibility. However, sometimes life has other ideas, and when damages strike, you need a company to help you out. Our contractors are dedicated to high-quality home foundation repair in Lafayette.

You can trust our team to locate the problem and find out how it started in the first place. We do that through thorough foundation inspection, which is entirely FREE. An assessment allows us to apply the appropriate repairs. Did you know that our company has been in the foundation repair industry since 2012?

Each individual contractor brings their own level of expertise to the table as they've trained under master structural engineers for decades.

Helping our customers maintain their homes through expert foundation repair is our specialty. Would you like to schedule an appointment with us right now? Please call, email, or fill out our helpful online contact form.

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What are the Different Types of Residential Foundation Repair?

Home foundation repair is definitely not a one-size-fits-all service. We work on concrete slab, and pier & beam foundations, and each has different needs. Therefore, the solution that we choose for you largely depends on the type of foundation you have and its respective damages. Here's some of what we have to offer:

  • Steel, Concrete, & Helical Piers - Piers serve the same purpose, and that is to add stability to a weakened foundation. We may add a few or many depending on how badly damaged your foundation is.
  • Polyurethane Foam Injection - This foam is used in emergency situations where a crack or gap is so bad that repair needs to happen now before more damages occur. The foam quickly expands to close up cracks and lift the concrete.
  • Masonry Patches & Sealants - Patches and sealants can help reinforce trouble spots on your foundation. They have strong adhesive properties with a drying time of under 24-hours making the repair method effective and convenient.
  • Slab Jacking - Otherwise known as "house leveling is a widely used tool to prevent complete foundation replacement. It is a quick and easy solution to return foundations back to their original positions when shifting has occurred.

Of course, that is simply a shortlist of the repairs that we have to offer here at our foundation crack repair company in Lafayette. You can also browse our blog page for more information.

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Does Your Lafayette Home Require Professional Foundation Repair?

If your residential foundation is showing signs of damage, it is in your best interest to address the problem quickly so that further structural issues don't manifest. Concrete cracks should always be inspected by a licensed contractor to rule out any underlying problems.

Sometimes, cracks appear due to soil erosion and shifting, causing areas of the slabs to sink. As a result, you may notice your doors not opening correctly or your windows sticking, which can be a significant inconvenience.

Perhaps, your walls are bowing, floors are sloping, and your house looks crooked from the street.

All of those issues generally stem from foundation damages, and the only way to stop the problems from getting worse is through an inspection and repair protocol. We can help you get your home sitting on solid ground again in no time!

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Employing the BEST Home Foundation Repair Contractors in Lafayette, IN

Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is a top-rated business that values 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal is to keep your residential foundation in tip-top shape and apply repairs that are non-disruptive and affordable. We use a variety of methods that are known to work and keep concrete strong for a lifetime.

Do you have a pier & beam foundation? No problem! We have a wealth of knowledge that covers all foundation types. We know it isn't easy to find a company you can completely trust, which is why we offer a FREE consultation and estimate. You can get to know our team and get a feel for our work ethic.

Did you know that we guarantee all of our work? If something goes awry once we leave the job site, we'll come back and fix it with no questions asked. So get in touch with us today and tell our contractors about your foundation damages.



See what our customers have to say:
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"The foundation repair services that we had completed by Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros went above and beyond our expectations. The team was friendly, they worked quickly, and they made sure we understood everything that was happening around us. Definitely recommend these guys for anyone looking for quality foundation repairs."
- Esther J.

Superior Foundation Repair Services for Lafayette Residents

We're proud to offer foundation repair services for both residential and commercial customers. We specialize in crack and leak repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space care, and house leveling. So don't let your foundation damages go neglected. Instead, call us for quick and efficient repairs that are affordable and always spot on!

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Worry-Free Foundation Repair is a Call Away.

Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros offers various services that address your most pressing foundation problems. We fix what the other guys can't! Call us at (765) 204-6599
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