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Do you have a pier & beam foundation? If so, then you most likely have a crawl space beneath your home. Are you concerned about the health of your crawl space? Perhaps it's watery and constantly falling prey to mold and mildew. We have a solution! Turn to our team for professional crawl space vapor barrier in Lafayette.

Our contractors will inspect the area for free and let you know what the damages are and where they originated. We'll then hook you up with an affordable repair plan, followed by the installation of the vapor barrier. The entire process is straightforward and quick. Do you know that our contractors specialize in crawl space repair and leak-proofing?

It doesn't matter how bad your damages are; we'll get them fixed up for you and ensure they never reoccur. That's our guarantee. Now, if for some reason you aren't satisfied with our work, just let us know what the issue is, and we'll make it right. However, if we're being completely honest, that rarely happens. We're a company that gets the job done right the first time.

crawl space vapor barrier Lafayette
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How is are Crawl Space Vapor Barriers Worthwhile?

Having a vapor barrier for your crawl space in Lafayette, IN, is a wise investment, especially when using the area for storage. Adding a barrier also stops leaks and the problems associated with excessive moisture. Let's chat a bit more about the benefits of having a vapor barrier installed:

  • Decreases Moisture Buildup - Due to the nature of what a vapor barrier is made of, you won't have any more issues with crawl space flooding or condensation. That means your space stays dry, and so does your stored stuff.
  • No More Pests - Let's face it! Unfortunately, the area beneath your home is the perfect hub for insects, moles, rats, and mice. We've even seen raccoons taking up residence in the crawl space. Fortunately, a vapor barrier keeps these critters out.
  • Protects Structural Supports - When the crawl space is compromised, so is the rest of your home. Things like wood rot and pipe rusting are real consequences that can happen should the crawl space become consistently waterlogged.
  • Stops Mold & Mildew Growth - Where there is excessive moisture, there is sure to be mold and mildew growth. Installing a vapor barrier will exponentially correct the problem and protect your home from mold spores from the crawl space.
  • Musty Smells - Are you tired of weird and offensive odors coming from somewhere in your home, and you can't figure out where? We are willing to bet they're from the crawl space, and you know what we'll suggest to fix that problem!

Now is the time to take charge of your crawl space woes with expert services. You can learn more about your crawl space by visiting our blog.

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Got a Faulty Crawl Space? Seal it Up!

Are you dealing with a wet crawl space and need help ASAP? We suggest calling our crew for a zero-cost inspection and estimate sooner rather than later. The longer your crawl space remains compromised, the worse off the damages and other structural issues will be. Sadly, that leads to increased repair costs and potentially hazardous situations at your home.

There are two ways we can rectify the problems within your crawl space: vapor barrier installation and encapsulation. Are you wondering what the difference is between the two? There truly isn't much variation other than encapsulation completely seals up the crawl space rendering it unusable, while the barrier method leaves the door open.

We like to choose encapsulation when all other techniques have failed, and the homeowner has no desire to use the area. We hope you choose us for all of your crawl space vapor barrier needs.

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Our Team Provides Stellar Foundation Services

You've found it! Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros is your top choice for vapor barrier installation and foundation repair. Our team is fully licensed and insured for your protection and theirs. We only use industry-leading tools, equipment, and materials to ensure your crawl space is correctly repaired and waterproofed for a lifetime.

There's no skimping on services here! Plus, we offer the most competitive rates in the local area. We believe everyone that needs foundation repair services should be able to have them affordably. Please get in touch with the team today to schedule a no-fee inspection, consultation, and estimate.



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We offer services that improve the quality of residential and commercial properties. We're here to get your home and business standing on solid ground through crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation & waterproofing, basement inspections, and more. Have you scheduled your free inspection with us yet? Our company provides affordable solutions for homeowners in the Tippecanoe county area.

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