What to Expect for Basement Foundation Repair in Lafayette

September 29, 2022

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Is it time for basement foundation repair for a Lafayette property? If so, don’t put off that call! The longer you ignore leaks, cracks, sinking, and other damage, the higher your repair bills. Additionally, those leaks let moisture into a property’s interior. That moisture risks mold, structure wood cracking and rot, and other damage.

However, some property owners put off needed repairs only because they don’t know what to expect. They might assume that the process is disruptive and leaves their property in shambles! To ensure you make the best decisions for your structure, note some details about the basement repair process. Then, discuss any added concerns with a Lafayette foundation repair contractor as needed.

How do you know it’s time for foundation repair in Lafayette?

The first step in effective basement foundation repair in Lafayette is a full inspection! Property owners are sometimes surprised to find a contractor wanting to inspect more than the basement itself. However, a full inspection means checking for signs of damage inside and outside your structure.

For example, a weak foundation might mean wall and ceiling cracks, or uneven door and window frames. A structure’s roof also might crack or show signs of sagging and other damage. In turn, a skilled contractor should note all these issues around a property.

Additionally, a contractor might check for risks to a basement foundation and causes of damage. This often includes poor soil drainage or soil piling up against a foundation. He or she might also check for clogged gutters and water stains along outside walls. These all indicate excess moisture around a basement, which increases the risks for cracks and leaks.

Also, a foundation repair contractor might ask about issues you’ve noticed in your home or commercial structure. These might include damp floors, musty odors, mold along walls, and uneven surfaces. These all help your contractor determine the extent and location of foundation damage.

basement foundation repair for a wall in Lafayette

How does a contractor fix a basement foundation?

After determining the damage extent and where foundations need repairs, your contractor gets to work on those fixes! Typical basement foundation repairs might include any of the following:

Crack patching

Minor damage might only need crack patching. This process often involves applying patching materials either inside or outside the basement. Exterior crack patching is often more effective, closing those cracks and keeping the foundation protected.

Leak repair

Leak repair often includes crack patching and then checks for excess moisture around the foundation. A contractor might replace weeping tiles. These tiles are pipes installed around a foundation perimeter. These pipes trap excess moisture and direct it away from the structure.

When weeping tiles develop leaks or other damage, they don’t work as effectively. In turn, moisture might stay trapped along a basement’s exterior walls. Replacing or repairing those tiles then addresses leaks and keeps a basement protected.


A contractor might recommend underpinning for severely damaged basements. This process involves installing large pins alongside those exterior basement walls. Next, a contractor attaches the pins to the walls, which keep them in place. Underpinning also helps close gaps and cracks along a basement wall or floor.

underpinning for foundation repair in lafayette

Leveling or slab jacking

Foundation leveling or slab jacking is another process that repairs severely damaged basements. First, a contractor creates excavations around a sunken foundation. Second, he or she injects a specialty grout mixture into those excavations and under the foundation.

In some cases, a contractor lifts the foundation into place with specialty hydraulic equipment. Lastly, the grout dries and hardens, ensuring a foundation stays level. The contractor then replaces the excavations as needed.

Bowing basement wall repair

Weak basement walls often tend to bow inward. This issue needs immediate repair, as those walls risk collapsing. To address this issue, a contractor might apply specialty carbon fiber straps to those walls. These straps push the walls back into place and keep them in position.

Lastly, note that contractors might use more than one repair method for your property. For example, he or she might recommend underpinning and leveling, or crack patching and leak repair. Your contractor might also suggest how to avoid future foundation damage. This might include better property grading, a French drain installation, or ensuring gutters stay clear and clog-free!

Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros is happy to provide this information about basement foundation repair in Lafayette. We hope you found it useful and informative! If you’re in the market for expert fixes, call our Lafayette foundation repair contractors. We provide guaranteed repairs designed to last. To get your property started, use our contact form or just call us!


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