6 Reasons Lafayette Foundation Waterproofing Is Worth the Expense

May 18, 2022

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Foundation waterproofing for a Lafayette property is an excellent investment! However, many homeowners overlook this simple maintenance step for their home. One reason is that they want to avoid the expense and hassle of making that call. Two, they often don’t realize the value of waterproofing and other protective measures for a foundation.

Before you go another year without waterproofing your property, check out 6 reasons why this work is worth the expense. You can then discuss your property’s needs and options with a foundation repair contractor near you. In the end, you’ll enjoy knowing that your house is in good condition from the ground up.

Materials used for foundation waterproofing in Lafayette

1. Waterproofing protects against future foundation damage

Foundation concrete, piers and beams, basement walls, and other materials absorb excess water around them. That moisture softens concrete and risks damaging piers and beams, and other foundation construction materials. Over time, this can lead to foundation cracks, leaks, spalling, and other costly damage.

Also, note that a damaged foundation allows a structure to sink and settle. Foundation settling risks wall and ceiling cracks, gaps around door and window frames, and other such issues. A sinking structure can also mean framing damage, damaged subflooring, and cracks that let in bothersome pests.

Consequently, foundation waterproofing in Lafayette protects against all that future damage. Avoiding those expensive repairs then offsets your foundation waterproofing costs! This is just one reason why waterproofing is a great choice for any property.

2. Foundation waterproofing in Lafayette protects your belongings

Moisture seeping into a structure through a foundation affects belongings and items near that seepage. For example, if you keep your washer and dryer in the basement, rust might soon form along those appliances! Even items stored in plastic or rubber containers might suffer damage due to excess foundation moisture.

This is especially vital to remember if you’re thinking of finishing a basement space. In addition to protecting items in that space, waterproofing avoids damage to drywall, floor tiles, and other materials.

Also, a waterproofed basement means less risk of a damp, musty feeling, and unpleasant odors in the space. You can then increase usable space in your property without the worry of costly damage when you invest in waterproofing.

3. Protect against mold and mildew with foundation waterproofing!

Mold and mildew thrive in areas with excess mildew and especially those without sun and air exposure. In turn, dampness coming through a structure’s foundation often risks mold growth behind walls. Additionally, mold and mildew can form underneath carpets and area rugs and along the backs of furniture!

Cleaning mold and mildew is often costly. Also, both can outright ruin drywall, subflooring, carpeting, and other such items. Consequently, investing in foundation waterproofing protects against this damage and its costly cleanup and repairs.

Damaged appliances from a lack of foundation waterproofing.

4. Waterproofing ensures a comfortable interior environment

Without waterproofing, moisture seeps through a structure’s foundation. Next, interior rooms trap that added humidity. That excess moisture often means a cold, clammy interior in winter and a humid environment during the summer. In turn, interior rooms become uncomfortable, and your HVAC system might cycle on more often than usual.

Professional waterproofing keeps out that moisture, ensuring a comfortable interior space. Also, waterproofing reduces wear and tear on those appliances while keeping utility costs from spiking!

5. Avoid unsightly water stains with expert waterproofing!

Without waterproofing, your property might soon suffer water stains along interior walls and ceilings. Also, exposed foundation concrete might crumble or suffer spalling. These issues often mean a very unsightly, unattractive property, both inside and out! On the other hand, professional waterproofing helps avoid these unsightly stains and other damage.

6. Foundation waterproofing often increases property values

Your property’s value is based on what prospective buyers might pay for that structure. In turn, maintenance tasks like foundation waterproofing can make your property more desirable and valuable to potential buyers.

Even if waterproofing doesn’t necessarily increase a property’s value, consider that foundation damage often lowers those values! Prospective buyers might avoid properties with a damaged foundation as well as issues such as mold and interior wall cracks. Consequently, waterproofing at least protects a property’s value even if it doesn’t necessarily increase that value.

Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros is happy to provide this information about the benefits of foundation waterproofing in Lafayette. Hopefully you found it informative! If your property needs foundation fixes, call our experienced Lafayette foundation repair contractors. We offer FREE inspections and reliable repairs that last. To get your property started on the repairs and waterproofing it needs to have done, give us a call today.


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