How Long Does Foundation Repair Take? (Comparing Methods)

December 8, 2022

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Are you a property owner asking how long does foundation repair take? If so, you’re not alone! In addition to its cost, property owners are often concerned with a repair’s overall timeframe. Also, many people wonder if foundation repair is disruptive and if they can be on the property during those fixes.

Your foundation contractor is the best information source when it comes to your property and needed services. First, however, you might note some average timeframes for various foundation methods. You’ll then know what to expect regarding your property’s residential foundation repairs!


Materials used for foundation waterproofing in Lafayette

How Long Does Foundation Repair Take for Minor Cracks?

Minor crack and leak repair typically don’t take more than a day. First, a contractor might chip away at minor cracks, even making them bigger so they will hold patching materials. Next, the contractor cleans the crack thoroughly.

Then, they insert injection ports, which push epoxy filler deep into the crack. The contractor then injects filler into the ports and other crack areas. Lastly, the repair contractor scrapes any excess epoxy and removes those ports.

Foundation leak repair might take a full day or two. First, a contractor creates excavations around the damaged foundation. Second, they usually apply a waterproof membrane around the foundation concrete. Then, they will usually replace weeping tiles or pipes surrounding the foundation.

These pipes collect moisture around the foundation and redirect it away from the structure. Damage to these pipes allows water to pool around the foundation, risking leaks. After replacing them, the contractor then fills in the excavations.

How Long Does Major Foundation Repair Take?

Severe foundation damage requires more extensive repairs. Extensive foundation methods, including leveling and underpinning, usually take 1-3 days to complete, depending on your property’s size. Also, weather conditions can affect how long it takes to complete needed excavations.

First, a contractor might suggest slab jacking or leveling. Second, they might use leveling along with underpinning or piers. These repair methods ensure a strong foundation under your structure when used together.

To start slab jacking, a contractor starts by drilling under the foundation. Next, they inject slurries into those excavations. This material floats a structure back into position and then dries and hardens.

Underpinning uses steel pins injected into the ground next to or under the structure’s foundation. These pins then attach to the foundation, keeping it level and firm. A contractor can also use concrete-poured piers in the same manner.

How Long Does Bowing Basement Wall Repair Take?

Contractors typically recommend carbon fiber straps for repairing bowing basement walls. They attach these straps across those walls, keeping cracks and bowing from worsening. In most cases, attaching straps to your property’s basement walls only takes a day or two.

However, your repair contractor might also recommend added crack patching and waterproof coatings. These services ensure your basement walls stay strong after their repair.


how long does foundation repair take

How Do I Prepare for a Foundation Repair Project?

To prepare for foundation repair, ask your contractor if they’ll need permits and how long they’ll take! Some primary repair methods require permits which can take weeks to obtain. Also, note that excavation usually requires contractors to pull up landscaping features. Even though they typically replant these items, you might remove them if needed.

Also, ensure that contractors have full access to areas around your property as needed. For instance, you might keep cars out of the driveway if they need to bring excavators onto your property. Additionally, ensure they have full access to damaged basement walls as required. It’s also vital that you keep children and pets away from their work for everyone’s safety!

Other than providing basement access, property owners typically don’t need to be home during foundation repair. However, your repair contractor can offer added advice on any prep work required before their work begins.

Is Fixing a Foundation Worth It?

The short answer is yes; foundation repair is always worth the cost! Consider some reasons why, and talk to your contractor if you still have questions about this process:

  • A weak foundation lets a structure settle and then sink, pulling on solid surfaces and building materials. As a result, your property will likely suffer severe cracks, buckled floors, and other issues.
  • This settling can also mean cracked chimney stacks, roof cracks and leaks, and even plumbing damage!
  • Moisture seeping into a structure through foundation cracks risks mold damage, mildewed carpeting, and framing rot. Also, expect some very unpleasant musty odors inside your structure.
  • Never finish a basement without first addressing needed repairs. Otherwise, you might soon notice water stains on building materials and rot and mold in the space.
  • Damaged foundations affect property values! Additionally, your home might not pass an inspection, making it difficult to sell.
  • The longer you ignore foundation damage, the worse it becomes. As a result, minor cracks might soon result in significant repair costs.

On the other hand, repairs avoids all these added risks. In addition, repairs and waterproofing keep a foundation strong and interior spaces dry. Above all, these needed services have protected property values over the years.

When You Need Foundation Repair Services

Interior wall and ceiling cracks are the most prominent and common signs of foundation damage. Also, door frames and window frames tend to come out of level so that doors and windows stick. You can also put a carpenter’s level on the top of those frames to see if they’re uneven.

Weak floorboards under the foot also might indicate foundation damage. Additionally, mold and excess moisture in interior rooms often mean foundation leaks. Above all, schedule regular foundation inspections. These can alert you to developing damage and the need for expert repairs.

Get in Touch with Our Company for Foundation Repairs

Lafayette Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros is happy to help answer your questions about the foundation repair process. Hopefully, you’ve found this information helpful and informative. Call our Lafayette foundation repair contractors if you’re in the area and looking for expert foundation services. We’ll schedule a FREE inspection and price quote for the foundation repair job. To find out more, contact us today.


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